Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Not Stopping This Party

If I could make that true...I would. Heading into the 3rd weekend of performance, and so far the only thing that sucks is that we only get to perform this show 3 times a week. I think most of us would be glad to have more performance days than days off...

What makes it all so special, I think, is the deep connection the cast, musicians, artistic and technical staffs all have with each other. I've really never experienced anything like this outside of my own company. There is something about this show that fosters a closeness--perhaps it is the difficultly of the music; perhaps the nature of the story; perhaps it is just that I've found myself among people with whom I feel particularly comfortable. Whatever it is, it makes performing an absolute joy.

We've been really fortunate to have some terrific audiences thus far, and I can only imagine that we will continue to have more and more bodies in the house as we barrel towards closing weekend. I just can't stand the thought of putting this show away, though...right now it feels like we are just getting started, but there are only 6 performances left.

What I've found most interesting is that there is not one moment that I dread or one moment or song or scene that I wish we could just get through...I love them all! It is such fun to do every night, and I honestly look forward to each and every moment I spend on stage. Letting go of this show is going to be rough.

Of course, it isn't for everyone; I can't think of one show that is. I know we've lost a handful of audience members for whatever reason--but that's fine! Theatre is subjective, and this particular show is probably a more acquired taste, and certainly isn't for the faint of heart or easily offended/embarrassed.

I can say that this is one of the all-time highlights of my career. I am so proud of this work and of this cast and of this production. I am grateful for all that I have learned and for all of the support I have received from each and every person involved. What an honor to be a part of THE WILD PARTY...and to have found Queenie. I think I did find her...I am pretty sure that she and I have come to an understanding, and I adore her. She breaks my heart every night, and I am moved to have given her life in my body.

I can't wait for Thursday to arrive...I miss my party people.

No limits. No boundaries. No compromise.